The pole of Reference

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A pluridisciplinary team :
Cohesion and complementarity

  • 2 Radiologists
  • 4 shoulder surgeons
  • 3 Doctors specialized in sport : (An emergency physician, a physiologist and an official French rugbyteam doctor)
  • A rheumatologist, a neurologist
  • A pain-killer consulting physician
  • 2 « shoulder » anaesthesists (contact point)
  • An osteopath
  • 2 physiotherapists (Interface with physiotherapists from the city)

Biographies of the team

One location to insure continuation care

All the practitioners of the Centre Epaule 92's consult at the same place: Hopitâl privé d'Antony. Among the best shoulder treatment in Paris.
Exclusive secretary: +0033 826 30 00 92
Medical care and diagnosis 24 hour a day and 365 days a year with medical team on duty during the week end.

A performing Technical capacity


  • Radiology, Ultrasound, MRI, Scan, scintigraphy
  • Operating

Operating Theatre

  • 2 shoulder surgery rooms
  • Video and visioconference

Computing Network (Hotline 24 a day)

Bio medical help

A monthly team : The Staff

Patients convocation

  • Complex cases or therapeutic failure
  • Radio- clinic files
  • Radiology confrontation and per-operating of the past month files

Meeting open to all practitioners

The Dates of the Staff

An event and comunication pole

Meetings organized, EPU, Open days

Useful News

Des partenariats solides

  • A logistic, scientific and financial support from worldwide known partners whom trust in us
  • Reference pole labialization
  • Aware about innovation