The pole of Reference

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The Centre Epaule 92 : A team, A Spirit


Thanks to its concept and its organization, Centre Epaule 92, Founded in 2008, is a medical pole highly specialized and pionneer in France

A team of experts about taking in charge every shoulders pathologies, gathered in an important hospital in Paris: hôpital privé d'Antony.

In order to build a pole of reference in France, "Centre Epaule 92"'s practitioners got their inspiration from a famous shoulder surgeon's service in the USA they used to work with.

It turned out that they became friends and so the idea of creating a specialized pole was born. As a consequence, a plurydisciplinary team was built up to improve the quality in care and taking in charge of patients :

  • Operating Radiologists
  • Doctors specialized in physiology, sport, emergency and rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapists and osteopaths/li>
  • A rheumatologist
  • A Neurologist
  • An Anaesthetist
  • A pain-killer consultant
  • French and US' surgeons trained to most recent and trustful techniques, whether they are arthroscopic, nano-invasive or prosthetic

All the practitioners are putting their skills at everyone else's disposal so patients can benefit from the most accurate examination and treatment.

"Centre Epaule 92" is planning meeting once a month in order to deal with most difficult cases. On this occasion, all of the practitioners, even physiotherapists from the city are gathered.

"Centre Epaule 92" also welcomes physiotherapists and students throughout trainings and education, both practical and technical. A partnership has been set between "Centre Epaule 92" and "la Société Française de Rééducation de l'épaule (SFRE)" on that purpose.

Another partnership with « Arthrocare », famous for innovation in arthroscopy, allows "le Centre Epaule 92" to train surgeons from Europe. The opportunity to share and develop the field.

Since experience sharing is really important, thematic events are planned once a year. Each one, gathering many specialists, is dedicated to specific shoulder pathology.

Thus, «Centre Epaule 92 » get together a full range of skills around shoulder pathologies and the possibility to get medical care 24h a day, 365 a year. It aims at giving to all patients, a quicker, an efficient and a better access to medical care.

The added value of Centre Epaule 92